Packaging Distributors of America – 2022 Meeting

March 21, 2022by QuantumPak Sales0

Ongoing for 15 plus years, the PDA’s annual meetings have become a staple of the Packaging community, a tight knit group with close connections that welcomes new members and suppliers, celebrates achievements and not in the least, raises money for charity.


This year’s spring event will be yet another occasion for QuantumPak to be part of the community, showcase some of our products and of course, make new friends.

Presentations on Logistics, Introduction to Equipment, Current Issues/Challenges followed up by the meeting’s keynote Speaker Kevin Brown and his “Hero Effect” book focusing on showing up every day and making a positive difference are just part of the agenda.

Being a leading manufacturer of high-quality Bag Sealers, we here at QuantumPak, aspire to make a difference and we’re hoping to have some input on how to face some of the challenges in the industry. Of course, first and foremost, we look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!

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