Bedford Peel & Stick ApplierPartnering with Bedford Industries

Semi-automatic applier of Tin-Ties to unfilled flexible packaging.

Bedford Peel & Stick®

QuantumPak and Bedford Industries have partnered to offer a Peel & Stick® Tin-Tie solution for all your packaging needs. With the in-house developed Clean Edge Technology®, the ties can be easily applied to plastic, paper, and PET bags. Adhere up to 30 Peel & Stick ties per minute with the Peel & Stick® Applier semi-automatic machine.

Foot activation, adjustable settings and no hot melt adhesive are just a few perks to this smooth applicator! Select from our assortment of lengths, colors, and finishes to establish an exclusive appearance. Additionally, we provide tailor-made printing and color matching services.

By integrating these enclosures, you can increase the value of your products, as customers love this feature!


Exclusive Clean Edge Technology™  pressure sensitive adhesive
Saves time and labor
No hot melt adhesive required
Fast application (up to 30 bags/minute)
Adjustable settings
Foot activated
Release liner is spooled separately for easy disposal
Improved PLC interface making set up & operation easier
Plastic or metallic tie in a variety of colors
Tie can be applied to paper, plastic, or PET bags
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