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QuantumPak’s Trimmer is a versatile choice that seamlessly integrates with the majority of our machines. The tool is equipped with a razor-sharp blade that effortlessly eliminates any extra bag material. It is designed to withstand years of continuous use without any issues, and requires no training or additional tools. Whether you prefer our standard discharge tray or a vacuum powered discharge system, our Trimmer offers customizable options to suit your needs.

The trimmer offers the flexibility to adjust the bag’s length to fit your specific requirements, making it suitable for different packaging needs. This eliminates the necessity of using multiple bag lengths.

The trimmer removes any additional material above the seal area before it is sealed. This step guarantees a clean finish, safeguarding the bag from fraying or looking messy. Ideal for sealing bags in a variety of settings, such as bakeries, shipping rooms, agricultural facilities and more.


Designed and built in North America
Combined sealing and trimming process saves time and effort
Trimming excess material minimizes waste and optimizes bag usage
The trimmer ensures a clean, professional appearance for sealed bags
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