QuantumPak's Q800C-MVBag Sealers

Medical Validatable Machine

Q800C-MV Medical Validatable Bag Sealer

The Q800C-MV continuous bag sealer is our model designed specifically for the medical industry and is validatable and calibratable across all seal parameters.

The Q800c-MV’s rugged design and stainless-steel construction will hermetically seal a wide variety of bags and materials at speeds up to 800” per minute.

It is suitable for 24/7 operation, and with its standard 7” wide fully synchronized product conveyor, it can hold bags weighing up to 15 lbs and up to 22” tall as standard. The Q800C-MV can seal pillow top or gusseted bags at speeds up to 20+ bags per minute.

With its easy to operate & high-resolution HMI digital display that integrates sealing speed, seal pressure, temperature control, process alarm settings, and password protected seal parameter recipes, this machine is perfect for bag/pouch sealing applications that require process validation.

Q800 C-HD features:

Data acquisition package
Hi-resolution HMI screen for easy, intuitive operation
Maximum Speed of 800” per minute
Capable of handling bags up to 22” tall. Taller bag height capability is available
Extra wide 7” product conveyor belting
Flow right to left flow standard. Left to right flow is optional.
Pressure Roller (creates better seals)
Detachable seal module (for faster changing of the seal bands/seal widths)
Spring Loaded pressure bars for better sealing pressure on thicker/gusseted bags
Rugged reinforced caster mounts
Heavy Duty gear box
USA manufactured controller and motors
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