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Thermal Ink Jet Printer

TIJ - Thermal Ink Jet Printer Option

QuantumPak can also solve your bag printing needs with our Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) Printer. The QuantumPak TIJ is unique with its curved deflection plate paired with a spring mechanism to easily guide across most uneven surfaces at close range while printing directly onto your bag.

A 7″ industrial-quality touchscreen has even the most advanced settings at your fingertips. With its flexible design, independent controller separated from print heads and back up capabilities (logos and p to 500 individual messages), we are confident that our TIJ printing solutions will meet even the most stringent requirements.

Compare and see why QuantumPak is the best built bag sealer on the market today!

Our TIJ features:

Independent Printhead Design Printhead separated from the controller, stretchable printheads can stretch from 0-12mm
Touchscreen Editing 5" touchscreen color display easily identifiable editing icons
Flexible Print Height Capabilities One half inch 1/2"- One inch 1" print height
Multiple Inks Available Cartridge based ink usage for porous and non-porous materials
Mounts directly to the QuantumPak Bag Sealer
Print Height: 3/64"- 1/2"
Number of Print Lines: 4
Print Resolution: Vertical 300 dpi Horizontal 300 dpi; superb image & text quality
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