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QuantumPak and its trusted partners have teamed up in order to deliver high-quality, integrated solutions for all your printing and labeling needs. With its unique curved deflection plate and spring mechanism, the printing head is able to easily guide across most uneven surfaces at close range while printing directly onto your bag.

Thanks to Dupre Solutions, QuantumPak is able to deliver a versatile labeling machine – DSLR-1100 – that has can be used for endless applications for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries and many more. The DSLR-1100 Labeler has a compact footprint and offers, accurate, repeatable and dependable labeling solutions. Its ergonomic design, compact size and simplicity make it easy to use anywhere.

Compare and see why QuantumPak is the best built bag sealer on the market today!

TIJ Printer features:

Independent Printhead Design Printhead separated from the controller, stretchable printheads can stretch from 0-12mm
Touchscreen Editing 5" touchscreen color display easily identifiable editing icons
Flexible Print Height Capabilities One half inch 1/2"- One inch 1" print height
Multiple Inks Available Cartridge based ink usage for porous and non-porous materials

DSLR-1100 Features:

Manual adjustments with positional readout to accommodate various size containers
Motorized conveyor and wrap belt with analog speed controls
Microprocessor board programmed, easy to maintain and dependable
Quality sensors from Keyence and Sick for precise label dispensing
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