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DSL-1100 Labeler

DSL-1100 Labeler

Versatile labeling machine for a wide variety of applications: food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industry and many more. DSLR-1100 has a compact footprint and offers, accurate, repeatable and dependable labeling solutions. Its ergonomic design, compact size and simplicity make it easy to use anywhere.

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The DSL-1100 features:

Simple to use, with quick and simple product changeover
Manual adjustments with positional readout to accommodate various size containers
Motorized conveyor and wrap belt with analog speed controls
Integrated control panel for easy adjustments
Microprocessor board programmed, easy to maintain and dependable
Quality sensors from Keyence and Sick for precise label dispensing
Constructed from food grad 304SS and anodized aluminum
Stepper motors for quiet and smooth operation
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