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Light Tower


Light Tower

QuantumPak’s Tower Lights, also referred to as Stack lights, andon lights, or warning lights, are available as an add-on feature for our bag sealers. It is used in industrial manufacturing and process control settings to give machine operators, technicians, production managers, and factory personnel visual and audible signals indicating the status of a machine. They function as a type of andon, which is a manufacturing system that detects errors in real-time. In our implementation, the lights show whether the sealing temperature is within the set parameters.


360 degrees of visibility. Can be seen from hundreds of feet away across a factory floor
The mounted tower is 74” (7 feet) tall
emits a 2 kHz tone at 80-85 dB from one meter away
- The tower lighting supports threes colors (red, yellow and green) and provides an easy-to-see alert system for notifying everyone in a noisy, busy industrial environment if the sealer’s temperature is in control
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