Automatic Shrink WrappersMaripak

Automatic, non-stop operation with continuous motion system

Automatic Shrink Wrappers

QuantumPak is a Master Distributor for Maripak shrink wrapper. We have machines and parts in stock and can provide start up assistance and technical support.

The Maripak – IMPACK Pro Series – Fully Automatic – Side Sealer is a must have quality built machine. Maripak’s entry into the standard line of intermittent side sealers with a 16″ conveyor belt width. They are designed for automatic side seal applications where speed and rugged reliability are prime considerations. Built to the same exacting high standards as all of their higher-end wrappers, these versatile units are capable of wrapping many pieces per minute when combined with the proper infeed.

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Sealing L-Bar is driven by a motor (no need for compressed air)
In automatic mode, sealing bar cycles automatically in predefined period
In free mode, sealing bar is triggered by button
Sensor detects any obstacle and stops the cycle automatically for safety
Easy to integrate with all types of heat tunnel directly
Products are discharged by internal belt conveyor automatically
Operated by digital control panel
Position of the working table can be adjusted with respect to product width
Single-axis film roll holding profile can be easily removed, replaced and fixed
Easily transportable on wheels inside a facility
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