Dupre Solutions FillersDupre Solutions Automatic Weigh Filling System

Dupre Solutions Automatic Weigh Filling System

Dupre Solutions Automatic Weigh Filling System

Netweigh vibratory fillers are suitable for dispensing most dry free flowing products: examples include but are not limited to: powders, pellets, nuts/seeds, coffee(WB and Ground), granola, popcorn, herbs. They are also suitable for weigh counting and for filling small parts into packages.

Dupre Solutions weigh Fill Model Simplex 1 H 3L features a single vibratory feeder system with two-stage speed controls. The initial stage involves high vibration to “fast fill” a weigh-bucket with approximately 80% to 95% of the final packaged weight. Once this target has been reached, the PLC reduces vibration, trough width is restricted , and a fine stream of product is “dribbled” into the weigh bucket to reach the final target weight. The system automatically makes small adjustments to amplitude and target values to achieve the best results.

DS Duplex 1H 3L Feature:

Electronic Loadcell
7 inch Color Touch Screen
Constructed almost entirely of 304 SS; all contact parts are made from 304 SS
SMC or Airtec Air Actuators
Programmable Recipes for rapid change overs
Precise +/- 0.5 % of target weight (depending on product and speeds)
Adaptive learning- system auto adjusts for the best performance
Programmable Min and Max tolerances
2 Heavy duty vibratory motor for precise accurate filling
Waterfall pan configuration for product handling control
3 liter hopper (holds up to 2.5 pounds of coffee for example); other sizes available

Duplex1H3L – Vibration Feed Scale shown

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