Wrapper and Tunnel Combo PE Shrink PackagingMaripak

Polyethylene Shrink Packing Machine

Wrapper and Tunnel Combo

QuantumPak is a Master Distributor for Maripak shrink wrapper. We have machines and parts in stock and can provide start up assistance and technical support.

Maripak’s high quality line of Polyethylene Shrink Packing Machines offer a compact solution to your packing needs thanks to cutting and heat tunnel being in one-piece body. With effective shrinking capabilities and energy saving due to the bottom circulation tunnel system these Wrappers and Tunnels Combo machines are designed, and have the mechanical infrastructure suitable for high production operation.

With many flexibility options such as easy adjustment for different product sizes, a touch screen compatible with different languages and a blade structure suited for working with a wide range of film thickness, this series of machines has the functionality to cover a wide range of products.

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Smooth and controlled feeding with pneumatic system manual pusher
Practical adjustable-rail product pusher plate design special for different product structures
Width-adjustable side registration guides
Color, easy-to-use Touchscreen control panel
Perfect welding balance with double linear bearing cutting jaws
Automatic film feeding with swing-driven motorized roll film chamber
Ability to read product count, total and instant capacity
Ability to adjust heat treatment time with speed control in tunnel conveyor
Heat and energy management with intelligent digital heat control system (PID)
Automatic cooling up to 70ºC inside the tunnel in shutdown mode
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