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Custom Shrink Wrappers

QuantumPak is a Master Distributor for Maripak Custom Shrink Wrapper solutions. We have machines and parts in stock and can provide start up assistance and technical support.

QuantumPak and Maripak offer a high-quality line of packing machinery that can be highly customized; this line is designed with streamlining the packing process in mind. From barcode reading and product scanning to packing and labeling, we offer a wide range of customizations to suit your needs. With Highly Intelligent and Data-Driven programming one machine  can scan, seal, print and apply shipping labels on different and random size products.

These solutions are ideal for totally enclosing large items that need to be wrapped in craft paper or polyethylene film. These items can include: cold chain packaging insulation, corrugated pizza boxes, chipboard/SBS birthday cake boxes or industrial insulation. The high speed and large seal bar width allows many items to be wrapped wide side leading there by increasing the product through-put.

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Safe system with completely closed tunnel and safety covers
Recipe memory for different pack types
Center welding feature with height adjustment system
Motorized horizontal and vertical movement in the side welding and cutting system
Compatibility with e-commerce and WMS warehouse management systems
Barcode – cargo labeling compatibility by reading information from the WMS system
Automatic film feeding system with tension control
Possibility of feeding product with flat surface or vertical tailed belt
User-friendly interface with ergonomic operator panel
Monitoring of production time and speed data with instant indicators
Automatic cooling up to 70ºC inside the tunnel in shutdown mode
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